Claudio Calautti is a Creative Developer.
Focusing on cutting-edge projects, he pushes the boundaries of development and motion to create forward‑thinking, innovative solutions for agencies, brands and products. Driven by a passion to move concepts from the realm of imagination into tangible, impactful digital experiences he works with inspiring collaborators; bringing enthusiasm, energy, and ambition to every project.


Dentsu iProspect ⋅ M&C Saatchi ⋅ Commonwealth War Graves Commission ⋅ Lonelyleap ⋅ Nokia Bell Labs ⋅ TCO London ⋅ 99 Designs ⋅ Landor & Fitch ⋅ Lynk & Co ⋅ Founders Forum ⋅ FortyEight ⋅ Conran Design Group ⋅ Neverbland ⋅ Radley Yeldar ⋅ The BIO Agency ⋅ Toaster ⋅ Google ⋅ Mosaic Innovation ⋅ Horizon Strategy ⋅ Nexu Creative


  • Feasibility Assessment

    A structured evaluation of a design from a technical perspective to ensure its feasibility and effectiveness, including assessment report and related effort and resources estimate.

  • Creative Concept & Prototyping

    Applying technical and creative skills, I envision and develop innovative solutions to help clients model, prototype and refine their product or service ideas before launch.

  • Front‑end Development

    I provide bespoke development services as a solo-dev or lead front-end resource in projects of any size with special attention to interaction and motion.

  • Full‑stack Development

    Based on project requirements, size and stage I can provide back-end and infrastructure support as well as getting the right resources to team up with.

Expertise & Focus

  • UI & Design Systems

    User interfaces, micro-interactions and reusable functional elements that create consistent, maintainable experiences across a range of products.

  • 3D Experiences

    Digital environments that allow users to interact with 3D objects in real-time, Immersive Experiences, Product Customisation Tools, Interactive Videos.

  • Data Visualisation

    Present a complex data-set in a clear, concise and visually appealing manner with 2D / 3D data visualisation, ad-hoc development and integrated to custom or public APIs.

  • Interactive Websites

    Bring eye-catching and a memorable online presence with bespoke websites that enhance audience engagement through motion and interaction.


  • Client side

    TypeScript, React, Next.js, SCSS, CSS Modules, PostCSS, Framer Motion, GreenSock, D3, Three.js, R3F, WebGL, GLSL, Webpack, Turborepo, Storybook.

  • Server side

    Node.js, Express, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, NGINX, Apache.

  • CMS, E-commerce

    Contentful, Strapi, Prismic, Keystone. Stripe Payments & Checkout, PayPal.

  • Infrastructure

    AWS: EC2, S3, SES, SNS, IAM, CloudFront, Route53, Serverless, Linux.

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